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Wine Fridge and Beer Refrigerator COMBO - Under Bench

Wine Fridge and Beer Refrigerator COMBO - Under Bench

SIZE: 1200W 600D 860H mm
$2,995.00 Inc GST $3,798.00 Inc GST

Do you have a hard time choosing a wine or beverage fridge refrigerator? Well choose no more! This brilliant wine and beer fridge refrigerator combo is a set of two units. With 3 separate temperature zones, now you can store your Reds, Whites, Spirits, and any soft drinks at your prefer temperatures. Standalone or side by side, built in or free standing, they will give the appearance of one unit. The KB50BW3 combo unit is meant to be together, perfect for under bench storage in your beautiful kitchen.

Key Features
  • The under counter wine and beverage refrigerator has gas-charged, tempered safety glass reversible doors with stainless steel frames and handle.
  • The glass is UV double-layer coated to protect from incandescent and fluorescent light.
  • LG compressors are paired with state-of-the-art fan blades for even temperature distribution.
  • Front-venting design allows the unit to be built-in with fewer space requirements.
  • Digital temperature controller provides precise temperature settings, automatic defrosting, and energy-saving management.
  • Secure locks protect the stock in your under counter wine and beverage refrigerator.


    • Volume : 304 Litre
    • Storage capacity : 160 Cans + 46 Wine Bottles
    • Unit Size : 1200W x 600D x 860H mm
    • Shipping Weight : 110 kgs
    • Net Weight : 102 kgs
    • Energy Consumption : 1.66Kw*h/24h
    • Refrigerant : R134A
    • Rated Power Input : 130 Watts
    • Rated Current: 1.8 A
    • Door Lock : Security Lock
    • Door Type : Glass Door
    • Lighting Type : Energy friendly LED (Blue)
    • Circulating Fans : Low noise 12 volt
    • Temperature Control : Digital Thermostatic Control
    • Cooling System : Compressor
    • Noise Level in Decibels : <41dB
    • At Min/Max Room Temperatures : 0 - 38°C
    • Adjustable Temperature Range :
      • Zone-A 1-18°C;
      • Zone-B 1-15°C;
      • Zone-C  5-18°C
  • Shelf Configuration : 4 Chromed Shelves + 6 wooden shelves
  • Installation : Built In / Free Standing


        Ask a Question
        • SKU: KB50BW3. Hi, I just ordered this. Is this just normal power when plugged in? Don't need extra amp or anything?

          Hi Lisa,
          Normal power, same as your home refrigerator.

        • Wine Fridge and Beer Refrigerator COMBO - Under Bench, is it saved energy? after 2 year warranty, how much does it cost for repairing if anything is damaged or failed?

          Hello Joey,
          Thank you for your questions. We understand your concerns.
          The fridges are upgraded, we are using Embraco Inverter compressor in the unit, it's quiet and saves energy consumption by 40%.
          We offers free 2-year warranty with covering all parts and labor if repair is required. We offer extended warranty with additional cost, you could find it on the product page.

          After the warranty is expired, the repair cost will be $100 to 300 for control system and fans replacement, around $500 for compressor replacement or Freon leaking issue.

          Thanks from Kingsbottle

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