Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator

Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator

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Introducing the Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator: Unmatched Performance and Precision.

Experience superior gas regulation with the Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator. Designed for optimal performance, this pressure reducer ensures a stable CO2 pressure throughout the lifespan of your cylinder, providing reliable and consistent gas control.

Key Features of the Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator:

  • Double Inlet Filter:
    Equipped with a double inlet filter, this regulator ensures efficient filtration of impurities, maintaining the purity of your CO2 supply. The 100-micron filters effectively prevent contaminants from entering the system, ensuring the integrity of your gas.
  • Venting Function and Easy Adjustment:
    With its venting function, adjusting the pressure is a breeze. Achieve precise and accurate pressure control effortlessly, allowing you to tailor the gas flow to meet your specific requirements. Enjoy the convenience and ease of use provided by the Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator.
  • High Performance and Accurate Pressure Control:
    Experience unrivaled performance with this regulator. It guarantees high-quality and consistent pressure control, enabling you to maintain optimal carbonation levels and dispensing pressures for your beverages. Whether you're serving beer, soda, or other carbonated beverages, this regulator ensures exceptional results every time.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation (Optional Serviceable):
    The Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator is designed for hassle-free operation. It offers a maintenance-free experience, ensuring reliability and convenience. If desired, the regulator can also be serviced for long-term use and peace of mind.
  • Integrated Pressure Relief Valve and Stainless Steel Valve Seat:
    Safety is paramount, and this regulator prioritizes it. It features an integrated pressure relief valve, safeguarding against pressure buildup and providing added protection. The stainless steel valve seat ensures durability, longevity, and optimal performance even in demanding conditions.
  • Zn/Ni Plated Brass Housings:
    The regulator's housing is constructed with Zn/Ni plated brass, combining strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. This robust housing ensures the durability and reliability of the regulator, making it a long-lasting solution for your gas control needs.
  • Individually Numbered for Traceability:
    Each Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator is individually numbered, allowing for easy traceability and quality control. This ensures that every regulator meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.
  • Adjustment Screw with Tamper-Evident Cap and Allen Key Adjustment:
    The adjustment screw of the regulator is protected by a tamper-evident cap, ensuring the integrity of your pressure settings. Additionally, the regulator comes with an Allen key for convenient and precise pressure adjustments.
  • High Capacity CO2 Flow:
    The Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator offers high capacity CO2 flow, allowing for efficient carbonation and dispensing of your beverages. With a peak flow of 180 L/min and a continuous flow of 100 L/min, this regulator can handle demanding applications with ease.
  • Type 30 Inlet to Suit Australian Standard CO2 Cylinders:
    Designed to meet the Australian Standard for CO2 cylinders, this regulator features a Type 30 inlet, ensuring compatibility and easy connection to your CO2 cylinder.

Please note: The regulator comes with a stainless barb (approx. 7.5mm) instead of the push-in fitting as pictured, providing a secure and reliable connection for your CO2 line.

Upgrade your gas regulation experience with the Micro Matic Premium Plus CO2 Regulator, where unmatched performance, precision, and convenience converge to deliver exceptional results. Trust in its reliability, safety features, and ease of use to enhance your carbonation and dispensing processes.


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