Dual Zone or Single Zone, Which Is The Better Choice for Wine Fridge?

Dual zone or single zone, what's the best choice while you are looking for a new wine fridge ? This question has been asking frequently.

Not all wines are created equal, different wines need to be served at different temperatures. Rich and full-bodied Reds should be served at 15-18C; Light Reds at 12-14C; Whites and Rosé at 7-14C, and Sparkling Wines at 6-9C.

The advantage of a dual zone wine fridge is that you can store both Reds and Whites at their desired temperatures with the two compartments provided. For instance, you can store your Sparkling Wines at the preferred temperature 6°C in the upper compartment whereas red wine at 15°C in the lower one. However, the two compartments are not completely separated, temperatures in both compartments interfere with each other, so the temperatures might be unstable if large differences in temperatures is set in two compartments. For maximum efficiency, the difference of temperatures in both zones should be set between 2°C to 5°C.

If you are a white wine only connoisseur or if only red wines are your thing, the single zone wine fridges are perfect for keeping more of your favorite bottles because it can be adjusted to match the perfect temperature for any type of wine.
KingsBottle single zone wine fridges have been created to be both functional and fashionable. Made with the highest quality parts, our wine fridges not only look great but are reliable as well. Whether you are looking for something simple to go under a counter or something that will let you show off your love of a good merlot, KingsBottle single zone wine refrigerators are perfect for keeping your favorite wines at their ideal temperature. If you do like both Red and White, how about two units as a combo? That's the perfect solution for dual zone.