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Wine & Beer Combo

All of our wine and beverage cooler combo units are perfect for bars, restaurants or that perfect home entertainment room . Don’t miss out on these ingenious refrigerator units, check them out today!

KingsBottle secures quality of fridges through standards components

A household fridge is not the perfect thing to keep the wines, beers and drinks. There is always a need of special refrigerators and this gap has given birth to KingsBottle. We are wine and beer fridges specialist, always busy to add a useful addition in refrigerators and to design more advanced, functional, intelligent and alluring refrigerators. Frequently known as a wine-cooler, our wine and beer fridges are an ideal thing for those who really appreciate a chilled glass to gain pleasure.

You might be searching for a giant-sized fridge to keep a large collection of wines or a decent small sized. Relax! KingsBottle has covered it all!

The specialist of our fridge is that it maintains a constant temperature required to maintain the quality and the taste of beers and wines. We are not only adept in creating high performing but superlative and attractive fridges, with a model series of the glass door, combo sized and even the under bench fixed ones. Thus the wine and beverage fridge combo kills two birds with one stone:

  1. Clients can keep their favourite collection of wines and beers in it.
  2. Maintain a favourable temperature for the beer and enjoy a top quality taste.

The prices are quite affordable and you will definitely get valued products/services against the money at KingsBottle. We believe prime quality is the king, and manufacturing out of the world fridges is our trademark. We secure quality by using standard parts, such as LG compressor, Italian brand CAREL cooling control system, and premium components, we claim outstanding refrigerators and wine fridges at KingsBottle!