A Wide Range Of Commercial & Residential Steel Door Wine Refrigeration Units

If you are one of those people, who love to savor their wine in its glory, relish it texture, lingering taste, then you will leave no part of the wine drinking experience to be settled by chance. You will certainly make sure to extend your wine bottle the royalty that it deserves, store it properly and pay close attention to make sure that your red, white & sparkling are served at their optimal temperature. Even if you are not one of the people mentioned above, after tasting a bottle of wine that's been pampered its entire life and offered at the ideal temperature, there's a great chance you could turn into one.

stainless steel solid door upright wine cooler

Getting The Right Temperature

For long-term storage, it is suggested that one should aim for 12°C. When serving the wines, bring them to these temperatures:
Champagne: 10-12°C
Most whites: 12-16°C
Lighter Reds: 16-18°C
Medium/Heavy reds: 18-20°C

With KingsBottle getting the temperature right is an easy task, all thanks to a wide range of wine & beverage chillers, coolers and storage solutions offered by the company. We at KingsBottle pay up a close attention while designing, crafting a cooling machine. We know maintaining a precise temperature control is of top-most value and it should be consistently distributed across the storing space to maintain uniformity.

If all you want is a wine fridge, where you can keep one or two bottles before drinking them right away, then you can go with our small 110 Ltr option. Other than that, if you have a collection of bottles that you plan to stash for few month times and soak them over time, you can get more use out of our dedicated under bench wine refrigerator where you can keep your bottles at optimal temperature (12 to 14°C). When you want to drink them, you can warm them a little before appreciating it.   

For commercial purpose, we have a 405 Ltr stainless steel solid door upright wine cooler. It is a single zone wine cooler that can hold up to 155 Bordeaux sized wine bottles. Simple to use electronic controls fitted inside the door enable the user to turn the unit on/off, control temperature, and use the lighting system at the touch of a button. The front exhaust system allows wine cooler unit to be fitted into tight spaces.

Superior quality, cutting-edge design, feature-rich functions backed up by reliable company guarantee, make our wine & beverage cooling system cut above the rest.