Differences Between a Compact Fridge and a Beverage Center

Which is better, a compact refrigerator or a beverage center? What's the difference? Don't the two just keep everything to themselves? 

There are some differences between the two units that can help you decide which is right for you:

  • Shelf space and storage capacity
  • Internal temperature range
  • Intended use (kitchen, bar, bedroom, etc.)
  • Size
  • Color and style options

Yes, both keep things fresh, but that's not the only consideration when deciding what to buy.

Let's explore the top 5 differences between mini fridges and beverage cabinets to find out which fridge is best for your needs.

  1. Shelves and storage capacity.

A good beverage center is designed specifically for one purpose: to keep beverages cool.

The interior and shelves maximize storage space for cans, bottles, or even beverage cartons. Some beverage centers are even listed with their capacity for beverage cans, rather than the usual cubic feet (ass. ft.) capacity used in other refrigerators.

But wait - can't a compact refrigerator keep beverages cool?

Yes, they can. However, a mini fridge is not designed exclusively for storing and cooling beverages. As a result, the interior is designed to accommodate a wider variety of shapes and sizes.

When a compact refrigerator is used exclusively for beverage storage and cooling, there can be some dead areas - empty areas that contain nothing but air. As per the size of the refrigerator or fridge as well as the arrangement of the door and compartments, it may also not be able to hold as many beverages.

  1. Intended use

Our compact refrigerators are just that: refrigerators designed for smaller spaces. They are great for bedrooms, family rooms, guest rooms, home bars, or even senior housing. They have the look, feel and design of a full-sized refrigerator, but are sized to fit in any area where they can be conveniently placed for quick and easy access.

Some people just want one unit to keep their drinks cool in the home bar. A beverage center could be the solution for them.

  1. Indoor temperatures

Do you want to do more than just refrigerate drinks? What about dairy or other foods that rely on cooler temperatures to stay cool longer? If so, a compact refrigerator may be a better choice.

Depending on the model, a beverage center can chill drinks to as low as 4 degrees Celsius. While this is a comfortable and refreshing temperature to enjoy a favorite beverage, it will not keep the ice frozen.

Many compact refrigerators, on the other hand, can be placed at temperatures below 4 degrees. Some even have a separate integrated freezer compartment to store a variety of frozen food.

  1. Size.

Some say it's not the outside that counts, but the inside. That's not always the case with appliances.

The reality is that appliances have to be placed somewhere and therefore take up a certain amount of space.

Whether you are looking to buy a beverage center or a mini fridge, always take into account how much space is available to install the new appliance. What a disappointment it would be to come home and find that the unit is too big for the space provided! Measure the length, width and height of the area where the unit will be placed beforehand to find one that will fit just right under the counter.

Be sure to look at the dimensions of units for a list of outside dimensions. These can be found in the "Specifications" section under each product listing.

Various other crucial sizes that you can consider while purchasing a beverage fridge or compact refrigerator is the unit's internal storage capacity. In addition, a branded beverage centers range in size starting from 2 cu. ft. to 4 cu. ft. while the compact refrigerators start from 1.6 cu. ft. and go up to 4.7 cu. Ft of size.

  1. Color & Style Options

How will the unit look next to your favorite chair in the family room or under the counter of the senior apartment? A college student may not mind if his or her compact refrigerator matches the eclectic décor of the dorm, but in most other environments, a unit needs to match the look of the room and the furniture around it.

And if you're wondering, black matches almost any dorm room décor, no matter how eclectic your roommates' taste.

Drinks have a unique look and feel. The main body of the units is black, with a grey/silver door framed in transparent glass. With this transparent door and the interior constantly illuminated, all the contents can be seen at a glance.

Our compact refrigerators do not have a free door. However, they are available in a wider variety of colors to suit personal taste or room style. From classic white to the modern black and chic silver - some also come in retro red!


There is no definitive answer to the question of which is the best: a compact refrigerator or a drinks center. What fits one person's situation or space may not be suitable for another.

If you are considering purchasing a new food and/or beverage cooling unit, you should first make a list of what you want the unit to do, what you want it to be used for, how much space you have available to install the unit, and the overall appearance of the room where you want it to be placed. This will help you choose the unit that best suits your needs.

With its size and affordable price, an excellent home bar could be set up with both - a beverage center to cool drinks and a mini fridge to keep perishable food cooler for longer. If you are looking to buy Built-in Under Counter Beverage Fridge & Refrigerator, you can contact us.