Which is the Best Beverage Cooler Technology to Cool Bottles Efficiently?

Since the patenting of beverage coolers in 1979, hundreds of variants of these cabinets have been produced to keep our bottles cold, so we can enjoy a cool drink at any time. Something that is particularly nice nowadays, with maximum temperatures of 30°C in Padua or even higher, 38°C in Madrid. So before we go into detail about the efficiency of Double Door Outdoor Beverage Coolers (also called bottle coolers, and generally categorized as floor or slide-in coolers), let's thank Stanley R. Moore for his exciting invention of the beverage cooler which is almost 40 years ago.

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Why is it crucial to have efficient and technologically advanced beverage coolers?

More than 20 TWh/year could be saved by reducing the energy consumption of plug-in refrigerator cabinets with products using the best available technology. This represents savings of about €4 billion in electricity costs! Specifically, the savings from improved energy efficiency of Double Door Outdoor Beverage Coolers is equivalent to 6.0 tons of CO2 equivalents, while the estimated savings from replacing R-134a with a green refrigerant is 0.4 tons of CO2 equivalents. Therefore, the Topten study estimates that 93% of the decrease in CO2 emissions is due to energy efficiency and 7% to refrigerant replacement.

In addition, beverage coolers are different from other refrigeration equipment because their purpose is not to preserve food or beverages, but to cool them. This means that they are usually turned off when the store is closed. Consequently, the timing and effectiveness of the shutdown phase is particularly important, as this is a crucial time for energy savings. The seasonal effect is another important factor for the efficiency of bottle coolers. On the one hand, the demand for cooling increases on warmer days due to higher temperatures. On the other hand, people are thirstier and cabinet usage increases, which means that doors are opened and closed more frequently.

The above reasons force users to think not only about the initial cost, but also about efficiency when buying a bottle cooler. Saving money and protecting the environment are key factors in today's market, and with the technology available, Double Door Outdoor Beverage Coolers are ready to meet these challenges! 

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How efficient does a beverage cooler need to be to be sold in the European Union?

Freezable beverage coolers are included in the draft ENER Lot 12 regulation, which covers the eco-design requirements for commercial refrigerated cabinets. This draft has been updated several times since the first version and is likely to be further modified to reflect the state of the art at the time of approval.  

According to the draft, the equation used to calculate the energy efficiency of a refrigerated cabinet is the same as that already used for professional refrigerated cabinets and included in ENTR Lot 1. In both of these cases, the energy efficiency index also called EEI expresses the annual energy consumption of that particular cabinet which is compared to the annual energy consumption of the defined reference standard.

Looking at the equation, it is clear that a cabinet with an EEI greater than 100 consumes more energy than the corresponding standard cabinet (i.e., the cabinet in question is less efficient), while an EEI less than 100 means that the cabinet consumes less energy than the corresponding standard cabinet (i.e., it is more efficient). Therefore, the lower the value of EEI, the more effective the outdoor beverage cooler.

The draft regulation requires that from July 1, 2017, the EEI of commercial refrigerated display cases must be 110, and from July 1, 2020, the EEI must reach 80. When this project was prepared, the best technology available on the market for a 520-liter Double Door Outdoor Beverage Coolers allowed an IEE of 27, with an annual energy consumption of 511 kWh per year.

The draft ENER Lot 12 regulation goes hand in hand with the energy labeling of commercial refrigeration equipment, in the sense that the original draft energy labeling regulation has been updated several times to be consistent with ENER Lot 12. The energy efficiency classes according to the draft energy labeling requirements are shown in the following table:

Energy Efficiency Classes of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment.

Consequently, a beverage cooler with EEI= 27 (the best available technology on the market at the time the current draft regulations were written), would be Class C.  

What are the regulations for beverage coolers in Australia?

Beverage chillers are listed under the standalone condensing unit category in the Energy Conservation Regulations for Commercial Refrigeration Systems, which came into effect on March 27, 2017. The maximum energy consumption values, as a function of volume, are shown in the graph below:

Using a 1.1 m3 (40 ft3) unit as an example, the limit has been reduced from 8.6 to 5.2 kWh/day (-39%) compared to the previous standard. Considering that the Max-Tech value (estimated minimum energy consumption with the best available technology) for this type of cabinet is 4.8 kWh/day, the units must be designed with the best available technology.

To date, there are no mandatory labeling requirements in the U.S., but there is a voluntary program. ENERGY STAR derives its standard values from market data based on the performance of specific appliance models currently available for purchase.

How can the energy consumption of cabinets be reduced?

Variable speed compressors (especially those with DC technology), smart control systems, insulation, LED lighting, electronic expansion valves, variable speed doors and fans are among the key components that reduce cabinet energy consumption. In addition, variable speed compressors are particularly effective during start-up and in response to seasonal changes, as load fluctuations are precisely managed, with constant control of the compressor envelope. If you are looking for Double Door Outdoor Beverage Coolers/Fridge & Refrigerator for Sale, KingsBottle is the best option to consider. This will provide you the best coolers at affordable prices.