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Dry Ageing Meat-Maturing Fridge Large Upright Cabinet

Dry Ageing Meat-Maturing Fridge Large Upright Cabinet

SIZE: 600W 710D 1720H mm
AU$4,795.00 Inc GST AU$5,898.00 Inc GST

Storage and drying of aged meat is a proven method to maximize product consistency and enhance flavor. This large upright steak dry aging refrigerator KB180SA is one of our full-fledged professional refrigerators. Its precise electronic control system ensures precise temperature and humidity adjustments between 60-90%. You can get professional-grade perfect steak without additional expertise or effort.

General Information:

  • Net capacity: 388L
  • Single Zone Compressor steak dry-age refrigerator
  • Built-in/Free-standing installation
  • Temperature range: 1°C-25℃
  • Humidity Range:60%-85%
  • Seamless stainless steel door frame with 2 layers Low-e glass
  • 1 piece Stainless steel hanging rod with 3 pcs hangers
  • 3 piece of stainless steel shelf
  • 1 piece of stainless steel salt tray( Note: There is not salt block included in the fridge.)


  • Touchpad controller with LED displayer
  • UVC system
  • White LED light
  • Fan cooling system
  • Water tank


  • Rated Power Input: 
  • Rated Current: 
  • Refrigerant: R600a


  • Body dimension: 595W x 710D x 1720H mm
  • Packing dimension:645W x 780D x 1870H mm
  • Net weight: 92 kgs
  • Gross weight: 97kgs


Ask a Question
  • What’s the ultraviolet system? What’s bulb life and what’s replacement cost of bulb

    Thanks for the questions.
    1. The ultraviolet system is used to kill the germ or bacterium inside the cabinet. It can only be turned on when the door is closed. 
    2. We would suggest the cutomer to replace the bulb once every year. And the bulb is easy to find in hardware store. Just look for “uv bulb 10v 3w“.

  • Is water supposed to be collecting in the area the tank sits?

    yes, correct.

  • Hi I bought a steak ager and have an error code E5, where can I find documents on this fridge?

    Thank you for your question. Error code E5 indicates that there is not enough water in the tank. We recommend that customers use distilled / purified water instead of tap water in the tank. You can frefer to Page15 on the user instructions in the section/tab USER INSTRUCTIONS on the product page.

  • Does the steak ager fridge include any salt block? What\'s the life of the salt blocks?

    Hi Daniel,
    Our steak ager do not come with the salt block. The salt block do not have expire date on it. It is not for cooking, it is for anticorrosion purposes. The user may choose to wash/clean the blood of the salt block from time to time. So it may eventually wear out and need to place a new one.
    Thanks from KingsBottle

  • Hi there, can you use this fridge to cure meat ie salami?

    Yes, you can. Here is the temperature and humidity control in the fridge:
    Temperature range: 1°C-25℃
    Humidity Range:60%-85%

  • How much meat can this model hold

    it will hold up to 75kgs meat, (25kg per hanger)

  • Hi there. Where in Sydney is u shop. Can I come to the shop if u have one.

    Hi Darko,
    Thank you for asking. You are welome to our warehouse and inspect the fridge, here is our warehouse address:
    2B, 4 Newington Road, Silverwater, NSW 2128

    Please email us ( your contact and advise when you will come, so we and get the fridge ready for your inspection.

    Kingsbottle Australia

  • Good morning my name is Marcus, Where are the meat fridge made? How long is the warranty? Do you have a melb retailer?

    Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for your interesting in our fridge. The meat fridge is made in China, it comes with 2-year manufacture warranty from the date of your purchase.
    we are located in Sydney, I’m sorry that we don’t have a retainer in Melbourne 

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Dry Ager
Dry Ager
Hi Jason, thanks for your feedback. With our updated KBU180SA (available from July 2020), it no longer requires the customer to refill the water manually. However, it requires the customer to have a filtered water supply hook up to the steak ager. The new system will fill in the water tank automatically. (There will be a water tube at the back for water connections.) Thanks from Kingsbottle.
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Hassle free