KingsBottle Manufacturing

True wine connoisseurs have a highly developed palate and discerning tastes. Just as it is a labor of love to find that one perfect bottle that is considered priceless, locating a wine cooler that is reliable and sensitive enough to store that perfect bottle can prove just as challenging. KingsBottle understands your concerns and has remedies at hand.

We take pride in the quality of our products and have spent years doing independent research to piece together all of the best elements into a stunning series of impeccably designed, stylish units that are sleekly crafted to be the absolute ultimate in wine cellaring and storage.

Our factory is ISO9001 and ISO14000 Certified and we do our utmost to ensure that each item manufactured arrives in the best possible condition by monitoring each procedure through a series of strict control policies. Satisfaction can be taken as a given.

Wholesale & Special Orders

KingsBottle has the capability to manufacture large quantities of both wine coolers and beverage refrigerators. If you would like more information, please complete the web-form (see below) and you will be contacted promptly.

OEM and ODM orders are also welcome, and the same attention to detail, design, and quality control will be applied to your brand as if it were our own.

Unit Features

Digital Temperature Control: With a wide range zone control you will never have worry about whether your favorite bottle is being stored at the ideal temperature. Set the temperature for either your reds or your whites - and trust that a KingsBottle cooler will keep it close as possible to the perfect temperature every time.

Smooth Rolling Hardwood Shelves: Not only do these hardwood shelves look incredibly elegant, but the high grade of beechwood is the perfect cradle for your favorite bottles. Each rack is specially spaced to fit bottles ranging from regular Bordeaux size to magnums of Champagne. It doesn’t matter the size of your bottle, the KingsBottle cooler will love all of them equally.

Stainless Steel Trimmed Glass Door: Each pane of glass in the doors of our coolers is multi-treated with UV protection to ensure that no harsh artificial light will ever effect your collection. The polished and modern look of the stainless steel and the tinted glass gives elegance to any room. Different doors (such as full stainless steel) are also available and can be added upon request.

Blue LED Interior Lights: We know that taking pride in your wine collection doesn’t mean hiding it away from prying eyes. Show off the accumulation of your efforts with our brilliant blue LED lights that not only highlights the beauty of each bottle, but also continues to protect your wine. Most artificial light sources are harsh and can age wine prematurely.

At KingsBottle we know that it’s not just about the beauty of our coolers, but the use of the latest technologies that keep us abreast of our competition. Each of our coolers comes with the highest quality Fan Circulated Air-Cooling System. Cool air is blown into the unit through a front vented system and then distributed evenly throughout the interior by an optimized system of fans. This ensures that every inch inside of the cooler is both balanced in air, humidity and temperature whilst being kind on power consumption.

We know that perfection is in the details. That is why we have engineered every aspect of our coolers to create the perfect storage space for your valuable collection. From the thickness of the materials that we use for the external body to the materials and design of the interior, we take pride in utilisation of the highest quality materials and the most current engineering practices. Our external body case is made from 0.7mm cold, rolled steel. Unlike most units on the market other this allows the entire frame to be strong enough to prevent distortion over time. Quality is never an accident at KingsBottle.