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If your refrigerator is not operating properly, KingsBottle reserves the right to repair or replace the refrigerator. KingsBottle may request the consumer to contact a local refrigeration company to service the refrigerator. All cost for labor and materials is covered for 2 year from the date of receipt. If KingsBottle deems the unit not repairable, KingsBottle will use the value of your original order toward a replacement. For customer service, please contact BTO AUSTRALIA PTY LTD by email ( hello@kingsbottle.com)


Damage due to such things as accident, misuse, abuse, mishandling, neglect, unauthorized repair or any other cause beyond the control of the seller whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing. The purchaser understands and acknowledges that the goods sold here are refrigerators and that the purchaser assumes all the risk of using these units, including the risk of spoilage, humidity variations, temperature variations, leaks, fires, water damage, mold, mildew, dryness and similar perils that may occur.


Warranty is only honored for the unit which is purchased and used in Australia. And, if your refrigerator was purchased at any 3rd party retailer and not directly from BTO Australia (also known as KingsBottle), we do not offer an extended warranty policy. You MUST contact the retailer of purchase directly. In the event your retailer does not offer an extended warranty plan, we recommend you contact a third party warranty provider. However, regardless of point of purchase, all KingsBottle refrigerators are backed by a TWO YEAR manufacturer’s warranty from date of sale.

Warranty Document For Download