KingsBottle Under Bench Beer Refrigerator Redefines Beer Storage and Refrigeration

Beer is one of the most popular social lubricants, bringing friends and family together at all times. And having a chilled beer can do more than just quenching the thirst, it can make every moment more enjoyable. Having the beer at home is something that is most common practice in households all over the world, and the best way to cool a beer is to refrigerate it, but it doesn’t work great when there a lot of friends and family members over and not enough chilled beer to serve everyone. KingsBottle Australia under bench beer refrigerator solves this problem by having great storage space while keeping all those beer cans and bottles chilled, and it snugs right under the kitchen bench, not taking up precious kitchen space.

Under Bench Beer Refrigerator

The solid steel body of these amazing beer refrigerators make sure that they are sturdy enough to be handled in bars and restaurants, and the cooling technology is so great it can withstand extreme temperatures of the Australian continent, and give uniform cooling all year long. With as much cooling in December as in April, your chilled beer becomes your sustenance in scorching summer months. Not only this, these refrigerators are super-silent and also give you great savings on your electricity cost.

KingsBottle Australia makes it possible for you to keep your personal beer cooler in your man cave, even if it is outdoors, like your garage or outside barn. There are models of beer refrigerators which have well insulated solid stainless steel doors that prevent the heat to reach inside them, keeping your beer chilled at all times, so you can enjoy your uninterrupted beer-time with your friends!