Have Your Wine Always Perfectly Chilled With Dual Zone Wine Fridge From KingsBottle Australia

Have you always worried that you might forget to put your wine in the refrigerator 4 hours before your dinner date starts? Or might over-chill it losing its best taste?

Although having a wine taken out from the cellar, chilling it, decanting and having its first taste is a nice 6-hour process, but spending so much time just to prep the wine is a definite annoyance. What if you could cool your wine in the wine cellar itself at its optimum temperature and you could enjoy it without having to wait every time.

KingsBottle Australia Wine Cooler 

KingsBottle Australia present you their amazing dual zone wine fridge, which is available by the name of 405L Glass Door Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge. It comes with a high-quality solid steel structure, but the best feature is its interior that has real hardwood shelves as they are built for the wine cellar. It’s tall but occupies comparatively less floor space than other refrigerators.

It can hold up to 164 standard size wine bottles and offers dual zone cooling. Dual zone means there are two separate zones where two different temperatures can be set, perfect for separately chilling white and red wines at their distinct optimum temperatures. And the sleek Blue light LED touch panel makes it look stylish as well.

The cooling is facilitated by the high-quality compressor and premium temperature controller, which makes sure that the temperature in each zone is maintained faultlessly. With such looks and cooling quality, KingsBottle Australia 405L Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge is perfect for your kitchen, to keep your wine at ready to serve temperatures, always…