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Those who love delicious white wine, there are a few things that are worse than forgetting to keep your lovely drink cold and having to deal with the fact that the quality of the wine goes down all night. Even top-quality wines are subject to this problem, which makes getting a wine cooler necessary for those who desire to make sure they get the most out of their drinks.

Here a good quality and feature-packed wine cooler can help you a lot. There are many a plethora of wine coolers on the market, although at KingsBottle we definitely recommend our chiller due to its quality and advanced features. With that in mind, these are just a few of the benefits of having a wine cooler at your fingertips for dinner or social function.

Wine Fridge

The ideal temperature

While keeping your own wine bottle in the refrigerator will definitely keep you cool, unless you have a separate wine cooler, you will find that the temperature kept in the bottle is not always the ideal temperature for wine. In addition to this, you have to consider other items in the fridge, which means you cannot just adjust them to fit a single item.

On the other hand, the wine cooler is designed not only to keep the wine bottle cool but also to keep it at the ideal temperature for consumption. It means you can appreciate the drink more.

Low maintenance

Wine coolers are not especially complex things and do not contain any electrical or mechanical parts, such as a fridge or other coolers. This means you won't have to spend much time maintaining them or worrying about whether or not it will break.

As such, they are considered as a more profitable purchase for many people, and their user-friendliness makes them expressly attractive. Once you get a good wine cooler, you can simply make it and wait for it to use when you need it.


While a separate wine cooler is best at cooling wine, it is also a much more costly option than a wine cooler that can put you out of the price range for most of the people. Moreover, not everyone has the space to maintain a dedicated wine cooler.

The wine cellar is a much more profitable option here, which means you can spend less money to get the same effect in practice. Here, the only difference is that you will be able to store one wine bottle in your fridge, but just to keep a freshly opened bottle throughout the party, that's all you will need.

Greener than other options

The environment has been a hot topic for quite some time, which means a good wine cooler is a better option for people interested in the well-being of the planet.

There are many wine coolers that use what is known as a thermoelectric means for cooling. This cooling technology differs from compressor-based variables in that much less energy is needed to achieve the same effects. Additionally, the refrigerant will not emit any emissions and does not use any hazardous chemicals that can escape into the atmosphere and therefore cause damage. All this combines in order to make the wine coolers the best option on the market at the present time and an easy option for those who want to relish their wine and have a social conscience too.

It is portable

We discussed the issues of owning a wine cooler earlier in the blog post, in particular, the need for dedicated floor space available to maintain the refrigerator. This can be a problem for those who live in a house that has limited space to devote to these things, or for those who simply do not want the accessory to be close to their home.

On the other hand, wine coolers are a more portable option. This not only means you can move them around the house and store them comfortably, but you can also take them with you when you go someplace. Keeping wine cool at home is magnificent, but you better be able to bring a chilled bottle of wine for a picnic or to a friend's party.


Wine reacts in sunlight, therefore, many people keep the wine in the cellar to make sure it's not exposed, ensuring that the flavor stays at its best when the bottle is finally opened.

While it cannot be claimed that the wine cooler provides the same levels of protection, it still works to protect the bottle from harmful rays, especially if the cooler is not made of a clear material. This can be of great help to those who do not have the space to dedicate a cellar.


Wine coolers are a good option for wine, but can also be used for various other drinks. Due to the way it was designed, a good coolant will keep everything stored in it at the ideal temperature, which means you can enjoy everything from fine wine to soft beer at the right level of freshness.

Nor is it something exclusively intended for white wines. While the color red does not traditionally cool, the coolant will still be able to maintain the ideal temperature for red wine, meaning you can keep it on the table without worrying about any temperature rises affecting it.

In general, a good wine cooler is an indispensable accessory in your kit if you love wine. Not only is it profitable, but it is also a very useful ingredient that will help you and your guests enjoy their wine more. After all, one of the best ways to enjoy wine is to make sure you keep it in top condition before serving it, so why not go the extra mile and take a fridge?

KingsBottle: The Best Wine Cooler in Australia

Kingsbottle is one of the most trusted and famous brands of Wine Coolers. They offer a wide array of technically advanced and low maintenance cooling appliances to their prestigious customers. They provide Wine refrigerators in different technical specifications to cater to the variegated needs and requirements of their customers. Some of their offerings in wine cooling appliances are:

• 24" Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Glass Door | Under Counter Wine Fridge
• 100 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler, Upright Wine Fridge With Glass Door
• 164 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Drink, Upright Fridge with Glass Door
• 24" Under Counter built-in Wine Cooler Drink, Glass Door Wine Fridge
• 100 Bottle Upright Wine Fridge Glass Door KBU100WSS
• Upright Wine Cooler Fridge With Glass Door & Display Shelves

All these wine coolers have gone through a stringent quality check and you can sure of their optimum quality. Some of the key features of these wine colling devices are:

• A long-lived, quiet running compressor for providing vibration-free cooling.
• Manufactured with utmost care with a premium digital temperature controller and maximum energy-saving management.
• Whisper-quiet fans in order to ensure that even, the efficient cooling ambiance is created throughout the cabinet.
• Comprises front-venting heat dispersion systems that allow each of these coolers to be built into cabinetry with minimal clearance.
• Strong and warp-resistant racks/ hardwood-shelves that are optimized for maximum bottle capacity with Pinot Noir, standard Bordeaux, Riesling, and champagne/ sparkling wine bottles. Includes a lock with a spare key so as to protect your wine stock.

So, what are you waiting for! Buy these amazing wine coolers to store your premium wine collections without any hassle.