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Steak Dry Ager Fridge Refrigerator

Proper storage and drying of aged meat are proven to maximize product consistency while enhancing flavour. Our steak dry aging fridge cabinets, KB50SA and KB180SA, come with KingsBottle’s digital control systems which guarantee precise temperature and humidity adjustments. You get professional-grade perfect steaks without expertise. Ageing fridge cabinets from KingsBottle turns grocery store beef into restaurant calibre steak and deepen your enjoyment.

The Secret to Great Beef

steak ager fridge

Our mission is to provide an affordable full-maturing professional fridge. The timeless design combines with state-of-the-art technology, and means high-tech meets handcraft.

The secret behind great aged beef, the unmatched flavour and tenderness which marinating can’t approach. Until introduced by KingsBottle, there has not been a cost-effective and healthy way to accomplish it at home. We decided to make our quality beef ageing cabinets available to discriminating meat connoisseurs.

The humidity stages can be fine tuned and operated precisely by way of our integrated humidity control system, which is normally set between 60% and 90%. Linked with our fan circulating system, the meat rests in a perfect micro-climate, an ideal air-flow and constant autoclave inside the dry ager fridge, even as the outside temperature fluctuates.

Great Beef Must Breathe When Ageing

One of the oldest techniques for top-shelf steak is dry-aging. For weeks, the ‘primal cut’ is hung up to dry and age all for the enhancement of flavour and tenderness.

Enzymes break down the connective tissue between the muscle fibres and moisture escapes. The result is a concentration of flavouring.

Instead of lying in airtight wrap, in our Dry Ager Meat-Maturing Units, the beef can do what meat loves to do. It can breathe.

Steak ageing equipment by KingsBottle are built for beef, but enjoyed by everyone.