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110 Bottle Timber Wine Rack | 10x10 Configuration

110 Bottle Timber Wine Rack | 10x10 Configuration

SIZE: 990W 990H 235D
AU$199.99 Inc GST

Professionally store your wine in style with this 110 Bottle Timber Wine Rack.

This all-inclusive system contains everything required to create the stylish wine rack pictured. Designed to comfortably hold up to 110 Bottles of Wine, this proprietary wine storage solution will complement any Residential or Commercial Kitchen, Cellar, Restaurant, or Bar.


The fully assembled measurements of this wine rack are:
Length: 99cm
Width: 23.5cm
Height: 99cm
With a total capacity of 110 bottles including 10 bottles along the top row.

This Wine Rack is available in a Natural Finish, Dark Mahogany Finish, and a Black Onyx Finish to help you match the decor of any room.

This 110 Bottle Wine Rack has been engineered to store your wine just off horizontal. Ensuring,

The Cork will stay in partial contact with the wine, helping it remain moist, and not dry out - Meaning your wine will last longer!
Entrapped air, formed by the wine’s ullage will remain on top of the bottle, allowing for a slower and more gradual maturation and oxidation process - Helping to preserve the complexity & character of your wine!


Ask a Question
  • Can you stack 2 x 110 on top of each other? If so what is the best way to anchor to the wall? Thanks

    Hi Don,
    Yes, you can. I would recommend adding 22x connector clips to connect two wine rack systems, and you can have an extra one row (10 bottles).
    2 or 4 Wall Brackets With Fixings are recommended to firmly connect the wine rack to the adjacent wall as well.
    Thanks from Kingsbottle

  • What is the earliest date I can guarantee delivery?

    This item is out of. Stock now, it will be available after July 20th. It will take 3 to 5 working days for the delivery.


  • Can I custom order a unit with 12 holes high by 12 holes wide and if so what would be the cost?

    Hi Mike,
    Yes, we can custom make it. Please email us to get a quote.

  • Do you offer an extra discount if I order for 8 of these? How long before delivery? I don't need them until early September and comparing to Chinese imports. Do they come in bespoke sizes if I order more, i.e. rather than 2200mm wide what if I wanted 2400?. thanks

    Hi Conrad,
    Thanks for your inquiry about our wine racks.
    We can custom make it 12 holes (1180mm) wide, you can put two units together, total 2360mm wide.
    Or, you can add a Wine Rack Connector Clip to connect two units together, total width is 2360mm + 65mm=2425mm
    This unit is out of stock now, it is only available after July 15th. But, we accept preorder now.

  • Can the 110 wine rack be configured to a stepped configuration ?

    Please check the Sloped Timber Wine Rack

  • what is the shipping time for the 110 bottle wine rack?

    3 to 5 business days. Thanks

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