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Custom Built Wine Rack | Natural Finish

Custom Built Wine Rack | Natural Finish

AU$4.99 Inc GST

Select your desired width and height, build your wine racks now. 

Depth: 235mm
Note that the bottle height listed below does not include the extra row of bottles which can be added along the top.

A full set of Neck Protector Clips are included. These simply attach to the wine rack, preventing the bottle from scratching. This modular wine rack can also be very easily connected to other wine racks with a set of connector clips.

If you would prefer a different finish or a system with larger storage capacity, please contact us for a tailored quote.

Available colors: Natural Finish, Black Onyx Finish, Rustic (Hard Wood)


Ask a Question
  • Hello I am needing custom racks to fit a space of 1905mm height and 865mm wide, what would you suggest?

    You could consider the custom-built wine racks as following:

    8x9 configuration (800Wx895H) wine racks, 2 units;
    18x Connector Clips to connect the above 2 wine rack systems
    4x Wall Brackets

    The final wine rack system will be 800mm width, 1845mm height, storage capacity 160 bottles

  • I have a space of 590mm wide & 370 high, can you please suggest the best number of rows etc I need to order.

    Hi Irmgard,
    Please check custom build wine racks.
    5 bottle width (515mm) 3 bottle height (325mm) will fit your space.

  • Hi I have 2 only 8x8 win racks. I want to join them and add height and width. Converting to 10 wide and 18 high can you assist. So adding 2 wide and extra 2 rows high. It is to fit in an existing cupboard

    Hi Noel,
    You can consider custom built wine racks with 1x8 configuration (1 bottle width 8 bottle height), then connect them with 44x connector clips. (These clips, will provide an extra row or column of storage).
    This will build a 10 bottles width 17 bottle height wine racks (990mm width, 1655 mm height)

  • Hi can you do 3bottles wide and 8 high?. Does it have to be fitted onto a wall or can it be free standing along side another cupboard? What would be the price be roughly?

    Hey Paula,
    Thank you for asking. On the product page, you can choose 3 Holes width, 8 Holes Height in the options, then you can find the price.
    It can be free-standing

  • Hi there. Is it possible to configure as just 1 bottle in width but 20 or so high? We have a small space but tall space we were thinking of putting a wine rack into but it’s only 14.7 cm wide. Thanks

    Hey Elaine,
    Thanks for reaching out to us. 
    You can consider 2 of 1x10 configuration units, and then combined them together with 6 Wine Rack Connector Clip (usually it needs only for, but for your case, I think 6 is better).
    Because it is tall but with only one bottle wide, you need to have some Wall Brackets With Fixings to connect the wine rack to the adjacent wall, I will say 6 as well.

    Thanks from Kingsbottle

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