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Custom Built Wine Rack | Black Onyx Finish

Custom Built Wine Rack | Black Onyx Finish

AU$5.49 Inc GST

Select your desired width and height, build your wine racks now.

Depth: 235mm
Note that the bottle height listed below does not include the extra row of bottles which can be added along the top.

A full set of Neck Protector Clips are included. These simply attach to the wine rack, preventing the bottle from scratching. This modular wine rack can also be very easily connected to other wine racks with a set of connector clips.

If you would prefer a different finish or a system with larger storage capacity, please contact us for a tailored quote.

Available colors: Natural Finish, Black Onyx Finish, Rustic (Hard Wood)


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I have a space cavity above my fridge that I would like to store wine bottles, I currently have something there now but would love to replace with one of your designs in black onyx finish. Could you please let me know how many bottles I can fit with the following measurements. Height: 360-380mm Width 927mm and a price. Also, do you supply the brackets to attach to the wall ? Thanks

    Hey Georgia,
    The custom-built 9x3 (9 bottle width, 3 bottle height) will fit your space.
    The wall bracket is available, but I don't think it is necessary because the rack system is only 3 bottle height.

  • Hi I have 1.25l Bundaberg rum bottles that I would like to put into something like this. Will they fit if I was to get one? The height and width of all sides are. 85mm each and the length is 300mm

    Hi Nate,
    Yes, the wine racks will fit the bottles with up to 95mm Diameter.
    And the 300m length is not an issue.

  • I have a space of 1000 wide x 1930 high. Can you custom build to this?

    Hey Ben,
    Thanks for your questions.
    10 holes width (990mm)
    20 holes (1940mm) or 19 holes (1845mm) height
    please email and let me know which will fit better. We will send you the details.


  • I have a space between a wall & end of cabinetry of 160mm. Can I build a single vertical row to an approx. height of 900mm using your system? Thanks Cari

    Hey Cari,
    Yes, it can be custom-built 1x8 (135mm width, 800mm height), or 1x9 (135mm width, 895mm height). I will recommend you to add 4 wall brackets to hook the racks to the wall.

  • How much would a 42 bottle rack cost, both assembled and unassembled? Thanks

    On the product page, you can choose the width and height, unassembled or  pre-assembled. You can see the price of the product with all these options. Any problem, please contact us

  • I would like to order wine storage with a sloping top to fit under stairs, is this possible?

    Hi Helene,
    Thanks for your inquiry about our wine racks. You could refer to the sloped timber wine rack
    and the custom built wine racks to choose which will be more fit.

    if you have any questions, you can also email us 


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