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My 2nd Kingsbottle wine cooler

Works great and looks good. No problems with this 1 and my 1st 1 has been trouble free to 2 years . Good people to do business with. Delivery went well both times!!

Very nice combo fridge.

We ordered this fridge online and the experience was very good. Delivered in a good time, some damage to the packaging, but because it has so much packing around it, the actual unit was not damaged. We now have this fridge in our butlers pantry, very happy with it. The motor is slightly noisy, have checked to ensure it is level, but certainly not as quiet as our inverter fridge in the kitchen. Cooling is consistent, it looks great and unit has a quality robust feel to it. Overall very happy.

High quality fridge

After much research and review reading, I chose the KingsBottle mini fridge for my theater room kitchenette for two reasons. It was supposed to cool my beverages down to 34 degrees and operate quietly. It does both! And it looks great! It is worth the extra money in my opinion.

100 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

We were impressed with the appearance of the unit. It looks very well made. Our unit is a dual zone cooler. At first we were concerned that the unit temperature seemed to operate at 4 degrees higher than the setting but after speaking with a company rep, we were informed that the unit can fluctuate up to 5 degrees. The unit consistently holds the set temperature plus 4 degrees in both zones. A couple of the shelves seem a little tight with regular size bottles. Overall, we are very pleased with the unit.

Temperature reading changes constantly

As I'm writing this review the temperature reading has changed several times in the last 15 minutes alone. The unit has not been opened in two days and yet the temperature (mostly the upper cooler zone) changes randomly throughout the day. We have it set at 46/60 and it NEVER reads 46. Right now it's 52. It was 52 when I work up, ran for a bit, then said 48, a few minutes later 50 and now it's back to 52. And that is all within 90 minutes. My old Wine Enthusiast unit that lasted six years only changed temps when opened. Sad it was discontinued and a new model wouldn't fit our space. Not sure about this one so far. We've had it about a month. And as I finish this review - it says 47 - SMH!

Hello, Good Morning, My name is Deidy with Kingsbottle customer and tech support. We notice the review that was left and understand you are having some issues with the temperature control and is fluctuating constantly. Please contact me to get more information of your order and I will try to help you the best I can. NOTE: Our unit can fluctuate +/- 5 degrees and that would be normal and the room temperature can affect the temperature of the cooler. Please contact me to 562-944-1888 or email me to Thank you, Hope to hear from you soon. -DEIDY KINGSBOTTLE Service and Tech Support
Quality Product - Beautiful design.

This is a great looking cooler duo. Met our needs perfectly as we will be able to use it now, and build it into our island when we remodel (soon). I researched and waited to buy this for almost 6 months, but after reading all the reviews felt this was the best one to go for at this price.

I have waited to write my review because we received it, used it for a week, and then left for 2 months. So, after returning and using it for awhile again, I have to say I still love this refer combo. I'm finding however that the temperatures don't quite meet the lower target I have them set. They are running about 7 degrees higher than what I have them set, and this is without opening the doors. With minimal opening and checking temps about 4 times a day, the temps are still not accurate. I'm going to buy a temperature gauge and see if it could be the display showing higher than what it is, because the beer cooler part seems to have cold enough beverages. The only other draw back is it seems to run a lot. It's fairly quiet, but just runs more than I had anticipated.

I WOULD BUY IT AGAIN!. I really love the looks of it, just wish it kept the items at the temperature it is set at and didn't run quite so much.

100 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler, Upright Wine Fridge With Glass Door

Everything great except it seems many of our bottles are slightly too big and fit well only on a very limited number of shelves. We too out two shelves to make additional room for the larger bottles, thereby losing some storage space. All the rest as promised.

Wine fridge purchase

The people at KingsBottle were great. They worked with me to be sure the unit would fit in my cabinet as there was very little tolerance in the measurements. I used the white glove service and they were great with moving the unit into my pantry and removing all the packing material. Unfortunately, They could not install it in the cabinet as it needs to sit 24-48 hours before being plugged in; this sort of negates the white glove service as I had to install it a few days later. Also, I had asked for the door to open left and that was done at the factory however the handle was left off and not packed. This had to come a week later and again I had to install it. The unit, once installed and handle on, is great. I have a couple of large wine fridges and this is the best of them (I have a Danby Silhouette and would never buy their product again). Quiet, nice shelves, and a bit more room between shelves so the labels are not damaged. I am very happy with the unit and would buy from KingsBottle again.

Great company!

We needed a replacement part for our wine cooler. Kings Bottle was the only place we were able to find help. They researched the cooler, and sent us the correct part. Great service!!

Great wine fridge

Great wine fridge. Easy to install. Very quiet.

Wine totes

Very good quality have already used them. Your delivery was fast.thanks

DC Fan RDL1225S

Wine cellar purchase

So far you guys have been excellent, the customer service impeccable I will definitely recommend you. I really like the piece. My only question is when I turn the inside light on you still can really see the bottles is that the way it is? Please advise

hi Gabriel, yes, the light might not be bright enough for you to see the bottle label clearly. Thanks

Product came in damaged from shipping. Very nice product otherwise

A little loud

Many of the reviews said these weren't very loud, unfortunately the beverage fridge is loud. And it is in my dining room so I can hear it running all of the time. The wine fridge is much more quiet, however, it doesn't allow for larger bottles except for the bottom rack which will hold maybe 5 bottles of champagne or larger sized wine bottles. Not a deal breaker, I read the reviews that said this was an issue before I purchased it. I am satisfied with my purchase, but had I known the beverage fridge was this loud, I probably would have purchased a different model or brand.

Very Responsive


Wine cooler

Works well. Only concern is lack of flexibility for different bottle sizes.

Excellent product!

The beverage fridge is amazing. It looks great, keeps great temp and is super quiet. The only gripe I would have is the larger Cabernet type bottles do not fit right in the front to back staggered config, so you lose a lot of space.

Won't Hold Temperature

This wine cooler will not hold a temperature. Sometimes it fluctuates as much as 7 degrees F. I had to pull all my best bottles out and store them in my Sub-Zero, but that only holds 50 bottles. Very disappointed. Please help!!

3 stars

I’ve had the KingsBottle 24” dual zone wine fridge for about a month and it works fine and looks good. The dual zones function as advertised and the blue light is a neat look. A couple complaints - wish the bottom zone with the bottom shelf sized for larger bottles like sparkling/champagne was designated the cooler whites zone rather than red. Also, the shelves are very tight such that many Pinot noir and slightly larger bottles won’t fit anywhere except the lowest rack. Also, the racks could be a little smoother. This is replacing a Sub Zero so maybe I’m spoiled but certainly a much more reasonably priced alternative. I’m not sure how it compares to other similar or lower priced options. Overall, I’m reasonably satisfied and will be happy if it holds up and functions as it does now with out any issues over the long term.


Thank you for fast shipping and super easy website to order online!! Looking forward to doing business again! Highly recommend!!

Just what I was looking for...

Kingsbottle makes a high quality wine and beverage refrigerator that looks superb. Can’t find something like this at a big box store. We love it and we’ll worth the price. Everyone asks where we got it.

Wine beer cooler

Got it just 3 days. Im putting it into a new 4 season room im building.have not completed the room yet. I have unboxed it looks great. Cant wait to use it.