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20 Bottle Timber Wine Rack | 4x4 Configuration

SIZE: 415W 415H 235D mm
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Professionally store your wine with our high-quality 20 Bottle Timber Wine Rack. Crafted from premium materials, our wine rack will look stylish with any decor. This wine rack was designed to safely and comfortably hold 20 bottles of wine, which includes the 4 wine bottles stored along the top row.

Our stylish wine rack is proprietary and designed to complement any bar, restaurant, cellar, or kitchen.

The wine rack has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 16.55" (420mm)
  • Depth: 9.25” (235mm)
  • Height: 16.55" (420mm)

This stylish wine rack comes in a variety of options to suit your decor:

  • Black Onyx Finish
  • Natural Finish
  • Dark Mahogany Finish
  • Rustic Hardwood Finish

We carefully engineered this wine rack to store your wine just off horizontal. This means that the cork will touch the wine, which prevents the wine from drying out. Ultimately, this will extend the lifespan of your wine. Additionally, the air formed by the ullage of wine remains on the top of the bottle, allowing for a much more gradual maturation and oxidation process. All of these benefits mean that the complexity and character of your wine will be preserved.

Note: The dimensions of each hole are 95x95 mm, so it will fit most of the bottles, but unfortunately, it will not fit all bottles in the market. If your bottle is larger or wider, then it will likely not fit.


Ask a Question
  • I'm adding this to my wine rack. Do you have the connectors and how much for 10?

  • Hi there. I want to put a wine rack in a space in our buffet. The hole size I have is 1550mm long x 135mm high. So essentially it will be just 1 line of bottles. Can your design accomodate this please?

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for your interest in our KingsBottle wine racks. 
    A 15 holes width 1 hole height wine rack, which dimensions are 1465W x 135H x 235D mm,  will fit your space. 

    You can refer to the product page below and place the order online:

  • Hi Are they timber and metal racks?

    Yes, correct. They are timber and metal racks

  • Can you adjust the rack to accommodate personal space available? I’d like to stack wine 3 up. And have two of them side buy side. So I’d need 6 bottle racks.

    Hi Luisa,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Do you mean you want to have 2 sets of the wine rack as following?

    a. 6 bottles per row
    b. 3 rows
    In total 18 bottles storage per set


  • I am after 20 bottle wine racks. I would need to stack 4 vertically. Is that possible if they get fastened to the wall. Thanks


    Hi Gundi,
    You can indeed stack the wine racks on top of each other, but you'll need connector clips to connect them. If you're planning to stack two units of 20-bottle wine racks (each 4 holes wide and 4 holes high), you'll require 10 connector clips. For detailed instructions on how to assemble a large rack system, please consult the Wine Rack Assembly Instruction.

    If you're considering stacking four racks vertically, then you will need 30 connector clips, and you'll create a large wine rack in a 4x19 configuration. I would suggest exploring our custom wine rack options as well. Feel free to email us the dimensions of your space, and we can craft a custom wine rack to perfectly fit your needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 411 reviews
Joyce Hon
Amazing, exactly as described

Excellent quality, easy to assemble, exactly as described, definitely worth the price!


Thank you for your purchase happy to hear you are satisfied with Kingsbottle.

Ken Couchman
110 Bottle Rack

Once I received all the parts, it was relatively easy to put together. A little time consuming but still it was worth it. It fits our home’s wine space very nicely

Bruce Christie
A welcome arrival ... our new wine rack

After enduring 12 months of untidy mess, our new rack is installed. Great value and excellent service, very happy.

Robert Roy
Awesome wine rack!

Awesome wine racks! I bought 2 for a wine locker I rent at a commercial wine storage facility and couldn’t be happier. Each one fits up to 72 bottles, including the bigger pinot noir bottles with no problem. The form factor is minimal allowing for the most storage with minimum footprint and the rack is incredibly sturdy. Very happy!

Wine rack review

Very happy with the product and delivery time